ELITA - the European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association is a section of ESOT. Its membership represents the expertise on liver and intestinal transplantation in Europe.

Its mission is to provide the best service for patients in Europe requiring liver and intestinal transplantation. In order to achieve this goal, ELITA offers to those working in the field of liver transplantation a forum to exchange scientific information and views. The association’s scope of expertise includes  science, training, organ sharing and distribution, and co-operative research projects, especially of clinical nature.

The official database of ELITA is the ELTR - European Liver Transplant Registry, which by registering all liver transplantations performed in Europe aims at providing a link between European liver transplant centers, and stimulating scientific research and publications based on the European experience.
ELITA also acts as the official representative body of liver and intestinal transplantation in Europe before national and European government agencies and organ exchange organizations.

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For further information, please visit the ELITA Website.